September 2013 / Switch: Street


Switch is a scored improvisation that was developed during a residency period before Fleet Moves. The structure uses the framework of the Pentamodal Duet, developed by Fleet Moves artist Brandin Steffensen.

Pentamodal Duet is a game designed to allow dancers to improvise within a structure that has nothing to do with content and is all about relationship. Five archetypal modes of relation combine to create 15 unique pairings which are the “colors” or “tones” that comprise a pentamode. In its simplest form, pentamodal duet, two dancers listen to the emerging composition and act through these modes of relation. The resulting abstract relationships within the composition are the focus of playful investigation.

Created in collaboration: Brandin Steffensen, Zena Bibler, Rebecca Burrill, Sara Gurevich, Emma Hoette, Mikey Rioux, Katie Schetlick, Lailye Weidman, Anne Zuerner, Rishauna Zumberg.

Ensemble Improvisation: 8th Street, NYC

Switch: Street